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Game 1

वृक्षाग्रवासी न च पक्षिराजः
त्रिनेत्रधारी न च शूलपाणिः ।
त्वग्वस्त्रधारी न च सिद्धयोगी
जलञ्च बिभ्रन्न घटो न मेघः ॥

vRukShaagravaasI na cha pakShiraajaH
trinetradhaarI na cha shUlapaaNiH |
tvagvastradhaarI na cha siddhayogI
jala~ncha bibhranna ghaTo na meghaH ||

This verse is a प्रहेलिका(prahelikaa), a riddle.  The challenge is to solve it!

वृक्ष अग्र वासी न च पक्षि-राजः
त्रि-नेत्र-धारी न च शूल-पाणिः ।
त्वक् वस्त्र-धारी न च सिद्ध-योगी
जलं च बिभ्रत् न घटः न मेघः ॥

vRukSha agra vaasI na cha pakShi-raajaH
tri-netra-dhaarI na cha shUla-paaNiH |
tvak vastra-dhaarI na cha siddha-yogI
jalaM cha bibhrat na ghaTaH na meghaH ||

Lives on treetops, but not the king of birds
Has three eyes, but isn't Lord shiva (one who holds the trident)
Robed in clothes of bark, but isn't an ascetic
Bearing water, but neither a pot nor a cloud!

A coconut!

Now, that's self-explanatory!



  1. Dhanyavaada: ||
    The simple syntax of the verse is memorable and outstanding.
    The Prahelika is mindboggling.
    Please do post such brain teazers.
    I am sharing this in my Facebook account too with my contacts.
    Thank you once again for your splendid work.
    Warm regards.

  2. Very interresting blog. I am a balavihar teacher. I hope to make use of your sanskrit lessons. Hard work and a Great site!

  3. Thanks. Where do you teach? If you are interested, I have a couple other blogs related to the topic as well. You can check out under 'My other blogs'. Do feel free to share your ideas and experiences as well.