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Game 2

कृष्णमुखी न मार्जारी द्विजिह्वा न च सर्पिणी ।
पञ्चभर्ता न पाञ्चाली यो जानाति स पण्डितः ॥

kRuShNamukhI na maarjaarI dvijihvaa na cha sarpiNI |
pa~nchabhartaa na paa~nchaalI yo jaanaati sa paNDitaH ||

This verse is a प्रहेलिका(prahelikaa), a riddle.  The challenge is to solve it!

कृष्ण-मुखी न मार्जारी द्वि-जिह्वा न च सर्पिणी ।
पञ्च-भर्ता न पाञ्चाली यः जानाति सः पण्डितः ॥

kRuShNa-mukhI na maarjaarI dvi-jihvaa na cha sarpiNI |
pa~ncha-bhartaa na paa~nchaalI yaH jaanaati saH paNDitaH ||

Black-faced, not a cat; double-tongued, not a snake;
Has 5 care-takers, not draupadI (of mahaabhaarata); he who knows is a clever person.

A Pen!

The nib of a pen is black with ink, the nib is split in the middle to allow the flow of ink.  The 5 fingers that hold it are its caretakers.  Did you know the answer?  Aren't you clever! :).


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