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Game 7

नन्दामि मेघान् गगनेऽवलोक्य 
     नृत्यामि गायामि भवामि तुष्टः ।
नाहं कृषिज्ञः पथिकोऽपि नाहं 
     वदन्तु विज्ञा मम नामधेयम् ॥

nandaami meghaan gagane.valokya
     nRutyaami gaayaami bhavaami tuShTaH |
naahaM kRuShij~naH pathiko.pi naahaM
     vadantu vij~naa mama naamadheyam ||

Solve this प्रहेलिका (prahelikaa - riddle).

After splitting the composite words (sandhis), it could be read as -

नन्दामि मेघान् गगने अवलोक्य
     नृत्यामि गायामि भवामि तुष्टः ।
न अहं कृषिज्ञः पथिकः अपि न अहं
     वदन्तु विज्ञा मम नामधेयम् ॥
nandaami meghaan gagane avalokya
     nRutyaami gaayaami bhavaami tuShTaH |
na ahaM kRuShij~naH pathikaH api na ahaM
     vadantu vij~naa mama naamadheyam ||

I rejoice seeing the clouds in the sky, I dance, I sing, I become happy.  I am not a farmer nor am I a traveller.  If you know, tell my name?!


A farmer delights at sight of clouds in the sky.  He may even sing and dance with joy.

A weary traveller in the scorching hot sun may react the same way on seeing the signs of rain.

But the verse says the answer is neither!

Then another answer that fits the bill would be -

मयूर, नीलकण्ठ, शिखी, बर्हि 
mayUra, nIlakaNTha, shikhI, barhi 
Meaning - Peacock!

A peacock revels and rejoices at the sight of clouds in the sky.  It shows its delight by singing and dancing.  It feels as if it has come alive with happiness!  It is neither a farmer nor a traveller :)


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